39 Days to Camino

One of the greatest evidences I see for the truth of the Bible is its reality. If this book were “processed” for mass consumption it would be a much nicer book with stories only of godliness leading to success and blessing. It would only have stories of evil being punished and the wicked would never win. The good guys would always be happy and content and the bad guys would always get their just rewards.

But the Bible isn’t like that. Good people die and die badly. Evil people seem to succeed at times. The good guys suffer with doubt and are flawed to the core. The bad guys sometimes act with faith and courage and even love.

Psalm 39 is like that in a way. David (the man after God’s own heart) is suffering and asks God to remind him how short his days and how meaningless his live truly is. If the Bible was faked this kind if stuff would surely have been edited out.

Published by

Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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