Ok…the final countdown

7 – seven
In one week we will already be en route to take our first steps on the Camino. The posts will change from countdown and anticipation to experience, pictures, thoughts, and emotions.

I have to say, it can’t get here soon enough. I keep being tempted to prepare more but all I read are warnings of over preparation so I’m fighting a natural instinct based on the advice of others.

About all that we have left to do us treat all our stuff with Premethrin (anti bedbug stuff) … I just imagined the few friends that may consider going on a trip like this suddenly having second thoughts … And of course repack.

We intend to be done, with bags in the car, by Thursday so that we can focus on Isabel and her graduation.

All 4 now.

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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