Ending at Puerto de la Reina

Relatively easy walk today that included a 1 mi detour to see an architectural curiosity. Allison’s feet have deteriorated a bit so we are going to use one or two of our off days to allow her to recover.

We are staying at a monastery along with100 others walking the Camino. It is so fun to meet and talk with people from so many places.

I took the time to spoil Allison and a South African friend of ours that is also injured and went shopping at the super mercado and cooked up a dinner. I think the gesture and maybe even the food was appreciated.

One highlight if the day was passing the windturbine farm and the now famous statues of the pilgrims bracing against the west winds.

On a Spiritual note I felt good today helping and caring for Allison and spreading some Love around to son others. What does it say about us when we strive for ourselves and remain unhappy but giving to others brings inner joy? What about us clings to the former despite the reinforcing evidence supporting the latter?

As always, pictures to follow.

A new beginning.

Walking at a much slower pace today to allow Allison to continue with sore feet. That is OK. We had a wonderful nights sleep, the first that we hadn’t been cold at night. They had BLANKETS. Wonderful.
Passed the battlefield where Charlemagne defeated the Moor’s and halted the advance of Islam into Europe. Can’t imagine a more peaceful place today. Pictures to follow.

The “Unexpected” part 1

“Pilgrims Dinners” typically for about 9E each include three courses and wine. Tonight fresh bread, potato soup with sausage, grilled pork ribs, and a cake with Creme and a very acceptable bottle of red wine. The bottom picture was the cake. Sorry I ate it before I got a picture…I promise you, it was delish.