Caught up

Another 19+ miles today and. Believe it or not we have pressed forward to the point that we have “made up” the day we rested in Puenta de la Reina.

We’ve crossed the border from La Rioja into Castille y Leon and are staying in the town of Belorado with its famous ruins.

Another night in a private too and we are getting spoiled.

We’ve met so many people on this trip. The spirit on the Camino is one of generosity and friendliness. Everyone seems to be in the adventure for all of its worth and the good is tolerated with the bad and mostly with a smile.

What makes this so? Certainly it isn’t the fact that most are on vacation for most vacation spots aren’t like this. Much credit has to be given to the Spanish people in the area for in most all places you are greeted with a “Buen Camino” and a smile despite the fact that hundreds of pilgrims pass each day.

The closest I’ve come to this experience is tent camping in the mountains. Life would be very much better if we all were able to live this life of generosity.

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Mark Dowty

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