Just might be getting the hang of this??

They say the first third of the Camino is for the body. Well after blisters and worn out legs, feet, hips and knees We were both wondering if we could do this thing and enjoy it.

Well just when some discouragement was setting in we had a better day yesterday and an even better one today.

Oh, it still hurts and hurts quite a lot. I’ve never walked through pain like this before, and knowing that it has to be repeated again the next day doesn’t help you get through. But I think we’ve either just gotten used to the pain, or it is actually lessening. Maybe a bit of both. I do find it possible to sleep on my side at night though due to the added stress it puts in my knee and hip.

We’ve fallen deeply into the Camino routine. It would seem odd, for example to “sleep in” past 6:30am, or to eat breakfast first thing in the morning… I mean, before walking your first couple miles anyway. It would also seem strange have to choose what to wear or to have to find “something to do” in the morning.

Allison and I are also getting more confident in using our very basic Spanish. It has been fun to try it out with mostly kind and patient audience.

The food has been very varied. We had an awesome seafood piella last night and some homemade flan desert as part of our pilgrims dinner for the day. I know that they say it is impossible not to lose weight on Camino, but I swear I’m gaining weight. Some things I don’t think we’d ever tired of cafe-con-leche and vino tinta come to mind. Other things we’ve tired of already: bocadillos (the fast food of the Camino – basically a baguette with some ham and cheese).

Well enough for now. For those tracking us we’ll pass through Burgos tomorrow (Saturday), the last big city until Leon.

Blessings to all

Mark and Allison

Published by

Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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