Forced relaxation from a vacation

So we’ve been grounded. I’ve decided to hang out here with Allison in Burgos while her legs heal. I’m not sure what we will do after that but I’m sure something will occur to direct our path. We may or may not reach Santiago.

I’ve often repeated that it doesn’t really matter but facing that possibility I’m finding out that something I already knew about myself. I can talk a good story but I not always honest with others or myself. It is difficult to accept but maybe this is why we are here.

So what to do in Burgos for a few days? Well there is a lot, museums, cathedrals, etc. but they all involve walking and Allison should have her feet up as much as possible. Hmmm

Anyway, we may not post much for a few days.

Love to all back home. Thanks for all your prayers. Allison appreciates the thoughts as do I.

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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