Possibly a premature end to our Camino.

Allison and I have a big decision to make. The diagnosis of tendonitis in her legs is a vague one but I fear it could end her pilgrimage. She is conflicted and doesn’t want to give up but her body may not allow an alternative. There’s no way of knowing how long is long enough to rest and if we leave this big city it becomes much tougher to get her home.

We are going to see tomorrow morning. If she isn’t better we will begin the trip home. Disappointed, for sure but we’ll end it together.
In addition I’m not sure what I should do. Allison wants me to continue so that she doesn’t cut my pilgrimage short but at the same time I’m sure she’d like it if she didn’t have to make it home alone and see/hear the rest of the trip through my eyes. Plus we’d set out together and to return separately makes me sad.

Honestly I’d like to continue but I’m sure it wouldn’t be the right thing.

Unfortunately, The next stage is the “empty” maseta where you are able to travel in relatively deserted places and it gives you much time to think. I looked forward to that.

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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