Week 2 comes to an end.

Tomorrow starts week 3 of Camino. It is impossible to adequately describe the swing of emotions this week.
A week ago I was worn and emotionally shot after it looked certain that we’d have to abandon our Camino. Allison and I had packed our bags and checked out of our hotel resolved to not feel too awful about having home but both of us unable to accept it totally.

We set on a bench knowing we had about 12 hrs before the overnight train would leave and wondering what to do. Allison said “let’s give it one more day” and so we did. The next morning, one week from tomorrow morning we decided to walk for 30 minutes and then turn back if it looked bad.

After 30 minutes we decided to evaluate again at the 1 hr mark. We changed the way we walked Camino and every hour that turned into two became a gift. Soon hours turned into days and each day since had been cherished all the more.

Resting became a way forward and not a delay. After Burgos I changed. I saw the time to allow Allison to fix her shoes or ice her ankles as a gift and not an inconvenience. I saw an early end to the day as an opportunity to continue and not a delay to some artificial plan.

I think I know why I’ve come.

Let’s see what else is in store.

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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