Forced to do nothing.

This evening was odd. There is no WIFI in this small village ( so these posts may be out of order ), and there is only one shop selling a few onions, soft drinks, chips, etc. Basically we are forced to do nothing.
It is such an unnatural thing. But clearly I needed some rest and an afternoon nap came easily.
Dinner tonight will be different as well. The supper is donativo and will be supplied by a young couple operating the “other” Albergue in town (also donativo). This couple have started up this operation offering free lodging and free supper and breakfast as well as fresh juices. The offering is a gift to the pilgrims and they use whatever donations people supply to feed and house themselves and to maintain their place. It is hard to grasp.
How can they do this, and with such joy?

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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