New heights!

We crossed over from Castille y Leon and into Galicia today cresting new ridges and beginning the weeklong descent into Santiago. The clouds raked by the mountains made for some dramatic scenery and Allison and I were really walking fast, happy to be in the mountains. The day began in dense fog followed by a 30sec rain shower and then beautiful sun and clouds for the rest of the day.

We started talking today about what it will be like to be home and we both were quiet for a few minutes processing that the end is closer than the beginning and that we will actually stop walking (at least to this extent) soon.

Tomorrow we cross the 100k mark and the Camino will quadruple in population. (To receive a “Compostela” you have to walk at least 100km) reportedly bus loads of new pilgrims are dropped off to begin their journey. Supposedly it is a tough thing for those beginning their journey so long ago to be comfortable with.

Pictures to follow.

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Mark Dowty

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