Today we started in Triacastela (three castles) which is an ironic name since there are no castles nearby … At least none that have survived.

Continuing through really nice wooded areas we came into (and pretty quickly out of) Sarria. Sarria is the town that is know for its influx (literally bus loads and train loads) of pilgrims that have limited time and wish to receive the Compostella by completing the minimum 100k.

Maybe because if the time of day, or the fact that today is Sunday, we only noticed a small increase in folks on the Camino.

Sarria did have one surprise in store. Along the center of the Calle Maxor (old street) there were strewn flowers and evergreens for several hundred meters (see the pictures).

It had only been a short day when we reached Sarria so we marched on through and up the “steps of Sarria” and continued for a further 12km. This made it 30+ for the day (just under 20mi).

The day was mostly small towns and farm land but the path was quiet and shaded. In general it was a pleasant day.

Funny ending: not meaning to judge, but judging nonetheless, while washing our days hiking clothes in the cold water sink with a bar of soap as is our daily routine, I overheard three Americans on vacation. They were obviously of a higher social class but were “roughing it” by driving (in their rented Mercedes) through the country. One lady remarked that it felt so good to experience the Camino by driving through these small towns. She said “I feel like a REAL pilgrim”. I can’t tell you the restraint required to not go and tell her, “if you really want the full experience, I’ll let you hand wash my dirty socks and underwear – for only a small fee”. The thought made me laugh.

Pictures to follow.

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