8 legged monsters

We started off late from the albergue 7-ish, and found ourselves really pushing the pace for no reason at all other than we were used to it and the seemingly inbred urge to be in front of the people just ahead on the trail. Unfortunately with the number of perigrinos walking now there is almost always someone in front of you.
Lest you all think that it was me that was pushing us, I’ll have you know that my wife has a competitive streak of her own. :).
Regardless we made it to Melide by noon (20km in 4hrs once you take out the coffee and Danish and shoe adjusting and bathroom stops). We were haulin.
Now Melide is not a pretty town, but is famous for a specialty cuisine – pulpo.
Despite Allison’s reservations, we HAD to stop and have lunch at the most famous pulporia. Ok, you are curious aren’t you. Well, pictures will follow.
After lunch, we slowed way down and stopped after only an additional 8kms.

The day was a bit dreary, foggy and misty so not many pictures today.

Santiago is only 2-½ days away. Then after another 4 days we will have made it to Finesterra. Crazy.

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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