The End of the Earth

Well, there was a large Samba festival being held at the albergue we were going to stay in so despite very sore feet and a couple new blisters each, we pressed on for 38km to Finesterra. Technically we aren’t finished yet but we’ve checked into a beautiful hotel for two nights and will walk the ½ mile to the end tomorrow morning.

We started the day by walking along some beautiful woodlands and hills. Because we were on the last day and nearing the ocean, we both thought it would be mostly downhill. But as Allison and I found out, Spain only seems to go uphill.

We saw re see for the first time and got a thrill. I told Allison that she should feel so proud of the accomplishment but we both joked that proud felt an awful lot like sore feet and painful blisters.

The views only got better though as we approached Finesterra. Check out the view from our place.

I’ll post some final thoughts tomorrow, but for now we are going to relish in the hotel, view and a nice dinner.


The pilgrims cry is “Ultreia” or “still further”. This is our next to last day. Weather looks good but neither Allison nor I remember what it is like to be without pain! :). Not real pain like some other have to suffer with on a day to day basis, but nagging pain associated with 33 days of hiking.

Regardless we are otherwise healthy and very happy but also worn and ready to be home.