The human body has an amazing tendency to…

The human body has an amazing tendency to both heal and get lazy quickly. It was really hard to put our boots on this morning and our leg muscles groaned at the first several steps. Funny that two days ago we wouldn’t have even noticed the first several kms, but this morning it was very difficult.

Good thing it is a short day today (21km).


We enjoyed our sleep in day and a nice bfast and then walked outside to the main plaza here. We almost immediately met up again with some friends from the Camino including a young Korean girl we’d met on day one and only seen one other day since. Amazing.

We enjoyed getting our 2nd Compostellas and the pilgrims mass at the cathedral here. Allison and I, not being catholic, never partook in mass per se but enjoyed the services nonetheless. Instead, we celebrated our own private communion in the courtyard of the hotel – just the two of us and God.

We then went on a futile shopping excursion and spent too many hours at a travel agent trying to arrange the trip home.

After a nice, but pricey dinner we’ve come back to the parador to pack and get ready for the last four days of the extended pilgrimage as we make it 100 more kms to Finesterra.

Pictures to follow.