We are truly almost home now. Were onboard the last flight home from Atlanta to Greensboro. It will be great to be home and begin sharing the experience with others.

There is so much to remember and so much to share and yet Allison and I have both said that no one will be able to understand who hasn’t been.

Now some that go on Camino have this mystical reverence to the Camino itself. I have no such feelings. But there is a spirit there that you don’t find many places. People are generally more tolerant of other peoples thoughts and habits. People are more generous with their stuff even though they have less to offer than they would at home. It is the people along Camino that make it a unique experience.

Over the next several weeks I know we will be asked 1000 times “how was it?” I will try to answer, but forgive me if hesitate and maybe leave you hanging. I’m not trying to be rude or coy. There are just something’s that I won’t know how to explain; somethings that you wouldn’t understand if i did; and there will be some things that I don’t fully understand myself.

This will be the last post of this blog.

Thanks to all the friends and family that have supported us with thoughts, prayers, comments and questions.
Thanks to all the great folks we met along the way: too numerous to name, but you know who you are.

Mark and Allison.

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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