Gram Weenies

One of the “things you do” to pass the time when you are waiting for the day of departure to finally arrive is to examine your pack weight over and over again. You meticulously examine every ounce of weight in hopes of a new discovery to remove one more gram from your load.
Although I haven’t gotten to the point of examining my toothbrush, “do I really need ALL of those bristles?”, I have explored most other options for reducing my pack weight. I’m down to 21.4lbs FSO (from skin out). If you subtract my lightest ensemble that’s a max of 17.2lbs on my back including 1.5l of water. If your not into backpacking – trust me that’s pretty good. I could drop a bit more weight if I didn’t carry electronics (phone, camera, chargers, etc) but I’ve pretty much decided they are worth their weight.
Allison is at 20.2lbs FSO and max 17.5lbs on her back. She has a bit of work to do but that’s still not bad.
So…as I watch the calendar and eagerly await May 21 I really need to find something else to occupy my mind.

– Mark