On the way to Los Arcos

Cross in the chapel at the monastery; bodegas Irache – the essence of the sign is that one can fortify oneself for the journey ahead by drinking the wine; Villa Mayor Monjardín; music along the way; near Los Arcos

Weather again extremely hot, near 90, but there was a more steady breeze, not that a breeze was much good without shade, and there isn’t any. I really understand the concept of siesta. Staying at Casa Abuela.

Awaiting the opening of the Pharmacia. Needs bandages, not Compeed as the blisters need to dry out. Getting on a bus tomorrow possibly to Najerra. I’ll know for sure when I arrive. I will miss Helma. 😢 -Cindy

Published by

Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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