Bused to Nájera. Toured the Monastery of Santa Maria Real with a lovely lady from Holland whom I met on the bus and the queue for the albergue.

There is a soccer match today and the hard core fans are already out. One bar closed for siesta, so they made their way to another. And we thought our sports fans were over the top. The match is at 9:30 pm and they started cheering around 2 pm.

Glad for the day off. Yes, feet have several blisters, but I am managing. Today they are drying out. Knees are in good shape. Back is ok. Rest of the body seems fine.

So what is an average day? Walking very early and with continued heat, probably starting 5am. Breakfast along the way usually tea and toast or pastry. A couple rest stops, one that will include lunch either purchased the day before or at a bar/cafe enroute. Trying to arrive by 1pm at that day’s stop as albergues fill up. Shower, laundry, rest, dinner. Early bedtime if possible. I must admit feeling a bit of a competition for a place to sleep. -Cindy

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Mark Dowty

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