Church was awesome again today. We’ve been prayed over by our church family as we leave on this journey, seeking expectingly, somewhat apprehensive about the unknown, terribly excited but overall we feel the love of so many we leave behind. – Nadine

Arrived in Roncesvalles
It’s been a long day. Not even sure how many hours I’ve been awake…only dozing on the plane and then, the train. Met some lovely folks in Madrid who were on the same flight as me. They’re starting in Astorga. But one of them spoke fluent Spanish, helping me get to the correct metro platform to the Puerta Atocha train station. Then, another man on the metro showed me how to read the train ticket and to wait until the departure was posted on the board at the station. God’s provision. I met two ladies getting off the train in Pamplona and we shared a taxi to Roncesvalles. The albergue fills up at 4pm generally. Lots of pilgrims. I’m off to explore -Cindy .

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Blank slate

Each of us awakens with an idea of what the day might look like. We are creatures of habit and routine. We can “see” how the day, week, month might look. As I practiced yoga this week an intriguing thought crossed my mind. Actually, it’s more a reality than just a thought. Shortly, I embark on a journey where I no longer “see” each day. No routine, no pre-arranged place to sleep, no idea where or what I’ll eat…no plan. What crossed my mind was my life would soon simply be a blank slate, truly living in the present moment. –Cindy