Trying to post but most times will not submit. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions? Please tell Nadine Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Praying. The pictures are just beautiful and fun times by all. Becky J

Not really sure about the posting problems. Sorry. Nadine and Ken have moved on again so I’ll miss her bday too. But I’ll text her for you.

About last night…

As I mentioned, we stayed at Granon last night (met up with Nadine and Ken again ironically).
Granon is another donativo and that alone makes it special. Even more so however are several things they do there including…
Sleeping in the church belfry, preparing meals together, yoga/stretching, communal dinner, meditation/reflection time in the choir of the church after dinner and sleeping on mats (much more comfortable than you are probably thinking).
It is just a very unique and special experience and one that I will be remembered and treasured for a long time.

Cindy # group

Cindy – I have not met you, but have heard of you through Mark and Nadine.  I am their sister-in-law.  I am amazed at how brave you are tackling Camino by yourself.  I do not think I could do this walk — especially without the support of familiar friends/family.  Hats off to you!  (but put it back on quickly, as the sun is warm there).  🙂  Blessings and prayers as we follow your journey from Virginia.  Carmen