First and maybe only “cheat”

We woke this morning to a thunderstorm in Logrona. Knowing from our last Camino that the next two days were interesting but more of what we’d already seen Allison and I took advantage of the poor weather to take our one and likely only bus ride a day ahead to Santa Domingo de la Calzada. We walked from there to Granon.

Granon is Special…more later. – Mark

Swedish connect. We just had the most delightful dinner with two Swedish companions on Camino-Ben and Brit. What lovely people. Gwen, I handed over my first card to our server tonight. She probably served 50 people tonight in the place we ate our Pilgrim’s Dinner in the hour we were there. I could tell she was touched. Sometimes those are the ones who work so hard that some would consider menial tasks and their efforts should be noticed. What is it about who will enter the kingdom? Wasn’t it the least of these. All are precious in His sight. I’m loving Camino. Ken is even up at 530 am walking the Camino . What an adventure! Nadine