Started in Rabanal to Monjarín

Started the day by busing to Rabanal, then hiking to Monjarín. Pics: the Way, path marker, ruins outside Foncebadón, me, La Cruz de Ferro, snack wagon unattended and donativo (so nice to come across these when I’m without food and needing a pick me up), the beautiful mountainside.

La Cruz de Ferro is a mountain of burdens left by those who have gone before me. One carries a token from home representing a burden and lays that burden down at the foot of the cross. Some are pictures, stones, I even saw a pen (the kind used with ink pot). As I traveled toward Monjarín my leg let me know it was time to stop. I looked up and there was a taxi – no kidding! God just knows. I was able to join the other lady and we made our way out if the mountains. Glad to be walking again, if shorter distances. -Cindy

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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