Hello and we miss you knn

Hi guys…
The days and weeks are passing by and your journey is passing underfoot as well. Things here are a mixed bag. SG life is thriving with routine and not so routine affairs. We have waded through the minor prophets and have begun a new sermon series led off today by Raudel who was tasked to deliver a sermon about repentance (Psalm 51). He said that JD would be back for the “fun stuff”…then he muttered something in Spanish.

You may have seen on FB (or not) that Bill and Joyce had to put their dog down last week and they (particularly Bill) are pretty sad. The Afghan couple ( Abdullah and Hassibah) were with our SG last Wednesday. Hassibah texted Donna to ask if she could help her with a surprise BD party for Abdullah. Donna said that she (Hassibah) could do this and that to come up with a surprise but Hassibah reply was…please help me…lol. Donna pulled it together as did others in the group and he was indeed surprised. It was fun they were embraced and embraced the group.

Donna left for Mass on Thursday morning and reports a desperate and sad situation. Too much to write about here but pray for our Mass. family….wisdom and Gods intervention.

We love you guys and long for your return.
Pedro and the Mrs.

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