Have seen these structures at all the farms, yet no idea their purpose; Sculpture in San Xulián; the Way; another interesting structure whose purpose is a mystery; bridge into Melide.

Melide is bigger than I thought – small city. And it’s market day today. Always makes finding one’s lodging more complicated. Thankfully the fruit lady helped with directions and was very accommodating when I asked her to speak slowly. Then there are the helpful signs advertising the albergue.

Thanks to Jessie for posting pics of my fur babies on FB! Looks like they are well cared for. Thank you everyone! 💕




I was a little nervous that after 2 days off in Astorga the walking would be tough today. It did indeed start out that way but after about an hour we got in a groove and flew up the mountain to Foncebadon before noon. That’s about 26km (16mi) in about 6hrs.
It was hot but the air up here is nice and the village peaceful.
Last Camino there was one Albergue here. The growth in Camino and the opportunity it has provided have obviously been a boon to the town. There are now 6 Albergues and several restaurants.