Some History

The Via Francigena (VF) is a medieval pilgrimage path from Canterbury England to Rome Italy. It roughly follows a path recorded by Sigeric the Serious circa 990 AD.

Our plans* for this Pilgrimage however start in London England where we will walk along Becket’s Way from Southwark Cathedral to Canterbury before joining the VF.

The route from Canterbury takes you through north eastern France south through the Champagne region and over the Jura mountains into Switzerland. In Switzerland we intend to circle the beautiful lake Geneva before climbing and crossing the alps.

At the St Bernard pass we will next cross into Italy and descend through the beautiful Aosta valley and across the flat Po Valley before crossing the spine of Italy, the Appenines. The last leg of the journey will take us south into Tuscany and finally into Rome.

*plans change

The route shown is the actual route we took. Each color represents a day.

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