Pre-Flight Day17 – O Covid! My Covid!

By Mark

“Oh Captain! My Captain!”

Walt Whitman

… sometimes it feels like this trip is being governed entirely by Covid. Allison spent a frustrating day winding her way through U.K. testing requirements which must be arranged pre-departure. This is something that could likely be solved with a phone call to a real human but in the world of automated help desks and internet, finding a human is next to impossible.

I, on the other hand was occupied (rightly) by work and supporting the things I can in the 2-1/2 weeks left. It’s definitely getting difficult due to the short time left.

After work I began looking into walking options from Dieppe to Perrone which is our alternative route should a Dover crossing remain blocked. It seems there are nice walks from Dieppe west and south and even northeast but none to the southeast where we’d like to go. So, it looks to be a lot “going on our own” trekking. This is fine but it certainly would have been convenient if there was a known route available.

Well enough pre-Via musings for today.

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Mark Dowty

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