Pre-Flight Day13 – Last of the Prep Hikes

By Mark

Sitting at Brinegar cabin with Allison after we flew up the cedar ridge trail and arrived here an hour early. We’re waiting for Cindy, Andrea and Jessica.

It is both exciting and terrifying to be done all the prep work and still have so much in front of us including all the unknowns of this particular Covid pilgrimage.

But very honestly I look forward to whatever comes. Unlike our other adventures where I kind of went in feeling like nothing could go wrong, this time we both know that not only is it possible but actually quite likely.

We expect at times to be hungry and filthy and even unhappy, and yet we suspect that those hours or days or even weeks will be surpassed by those where we are in awe…and there is very little more exceptional than to be standing in awe.

More later….

Published by

Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

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