Pre-Flight Day11 – How do I count this down?

From the mind of Mark

I’m not entirely sure how to count this one down. Normally I’d count down from the moment we take our first step, but the Covid preparations are so much of this trip that I feel like the flight over (even if it just ends up in a 10day quarantine) is kind of the start.

None of you probably want to read this but it’s kind of a log for posterity. I remember a quote from a war movie that went something like “The most dangerous times are the beginning and end of the war.” I think this is true as the world sank into and is emerging out of Covid. Everything seems fraught with uncertainty. Rumors of potential relaxations of rules and tightening of restrictions seem to come flooding in each day and, although I know better, I can’t stop researching. Haha. I’m addicted to preparation.

Small steps as we had Dylan come and “test”-cut our grass for the first time. He will be taking care of our lawn while we are away. My large “cylinder of life” noodle I bought as a lighter weight version of the soft foam one is probably a bust. It is too rigid. And finally I wrote up the Permithrin Party invite. These are al nits that will mean little to others but are about the only items to write about on an otherwise normal Monday.

“I️ am sure that God keeps no one waiting unless he sees that it is good for him to wait.”

C.S. Lewis

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One thought on “Pre-Flight Day11 – How do I count this down?”

  1. What did Mom often say to us ( to annoy us males) : “Patience is a virtue seldom seen in a woman, and never in a man.”
    Perspective – Even if it all gets canceled you have learned much about lightening your load; you have gotten in even better shape, and you have spent time with your wonderful wife.

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