Pre-Flight Day0 – It’s Travel Day!!!

Despite the 90% chance of thunderstorms at 3pm (yep, our flight is scheduled for 3pm), we are excited to get this boat on the road so to say.

I did one last weight reduction exercise following a tradition from our previous Pilgrimages. In many ways it is also historical (and you guys know how much I like history). Shaving your head would help with cleanliness of course but was also a sign of humility and a Nazarite vow.

Lastly, enjoy this clip of our packing routine. Make sure you watch to the end and unmute your sound is on to enjoy the music.

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Mark Dowty

"An Intentional Life"

5 thoughts on “Pre-Flight Day0 – It’s Travel Day!!!”

  1. Love every minute of this journey for all of us! The hard The Good the easy the not so good may it all bless and grow you both. You are loved!


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