Quarantine Day3 – Walking in place

Allison’s thoughts

Today is Tuesday and day 3 of our required down time. I am sure you are wondering what we do to entertain ourselves.

Besides completing crossword and sudoku puzzles, route planning for our hike, eating and sleeping, we do exercise. But creativity is key! So here is little clip of what has become one of our daily habits.

We really had to find a way to stay in shape! Aaaaaand Action:

Mark is getting really good at plotting our journey too. The GPS map of one of walks should give you some idea of what we’re going through. It’s kind of funny.

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Day3 – Walking in place”

  1. From the overview / inset included, It looks like you have you may need to provide some sod to cover your tracks in their trodden down the backyard. It also looks like you ventured into the front yard. Does that mean you broke quarantine?
    Along the same lines, you were required to quarantine upon arriving in the UK, yet you somehow got from the house to Madeline’s place. How did that transpire?


    1. The day you arrive is day zero and doesn’t count. They allow for you to get to your quarantine spot.
      I actually just went inside the house to get the camera so I think the GPS got lost for a moment.
      We’ve already offered for some new grass seed.


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