Day25 Reims Rest Day

Day 25, wow. Today is a significant milestone. We are 25% through our Pilgrimage. It’s also our first rest day since Dover, and it is coming after 5 consecutive 20+mile days. So…great timing!

We slept in late … what a blessing… and had a leisurely morning before heading to the French treasure in Reims, the Cathedral. In my opinion the outside was more impressive than the inside. But then again, we’ve yet to see a cathedral that impresses as much as the one in Burgos Spain.

The Reims Cathedral does have the bragging rights of being the traditional site for the coronation of French Kings going all the way back to Clovis in 509 AD…so that’s cool.

The VF marker at Reims Cathedral

After a good salad back at our hotel apartment, we went to Pommery Winery for a Champagne tour. The cellar pits were dug by Romans to mine the chalk and later joined with tunnels to make the famous cellars of Reims. It was cold in the cellars and the tour was interesting but expensive.

The real highlight of the day was dinner with Yannick and Agnes, the couple we met yesterday while hiking. It was a fun night until I broke the tooth back off and later progressively whacked Allison and then Yannick in the head with my camera attempting to take a bullet time shot.

So much for international relations between the French and Americans.

Enough for a rest day. We’re off again tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “Day25 Reims Rest Day”

    1. Giant boots are farmers boots. No idea why they are there. During our visit, there was also an art exhibit inside the caves. It was all pretty bizarre art. One “piece” was a set of motion activated boots. The boots marched as you passed them. The description said that they marched like soldiers but not war soldiers. Soldiers of the fields.

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  1. I had the same question…grape swishing boots? No toe cheese!
    Love the barrel in the champagne picture! Could you bring one home for me. Tee he he.

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