3 thoughts on “Flashback”

  1. Random question….we stopped at Trader Joe’s yesterday and they occasionally have different fruits and veggies. Thought of you all as they were selling “champagne grapes”. They were tiny tiny grapes. I’ve always assumed Champagne came from a region know as Champagne. We’re the grapes used to make the bubbly different? Or could it just be a gimmick at TJ?

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    1. Champagne is normally made from Pinot Noir and/or Chardonnay. We tasted a Pinot Noir, a Chardonnay and a blended at one of the wineries. They called the Pinot Noir only “Champagne Noir” and the other “Champagne Blanc”. The blend was just labeled Champagne.
      You’re right though. It’s the region and more specifically the “Methode’ Champagnois” that makes the bubbly.
      They are very protective of others calling their sparkling wines as Champagne.

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