Day31 Dienville to Bar sur Aube – Milestones

We hit triple milestones yesterday and today. At the end of today’s hike, we will have completed our first month of walking, We will have passed the 500mi mark, and sometime today or yesterday we passed the 1/3 mileage marker for our trip.

Our Day31 Morning Update

This morning was difficult to leave the Colombier. The atmosphere where you can chat with others on vacation is heart warming. The family that owned and or worked there was amazing in so many ways. I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere that they naturally share with all their guests.

The Meteo forecast app that we use here in France said rain for most of the day. Every day we look at the forecast and the only part which seems to be accurate is the temperature. It did spit rain which made us practice our quick change into our rain gear. I am not sure why we look at the forecast, but we do so every morning.

The overall hike today consisted of lots of roads…tarmac, gravel, clay, dirt, and even some woodland trails (my personal favorite). Even though it was a short day in distance for us both, we were ready to stop after 27 kilometers. When you start singing Christmas songs to entertain yourself in August, it is time for some self care.

We did pass through a town with a largish amusement park. It was fun to hear the stereotypical scream of kids riding the roller coasters and other thrill rides as we walked past the park as hikers. No such thrills for us, but greater joy I think.

We ended the day deep-seated back in Champagne country, namely BarSurAube. This town was a hub of commerce and importance in the Middle Ages. It flourished in the trade of wine and was an important city in its day. Its oversized church of St Pierre to which our alberge is attached was a main pilgrimage spot.

For our part we are staying at the presbytery here in town. It is a pilgrim hospice (to add to the types of places we’ve stayed) and costs a set 10Euro per person. That’s about $12 per night per person. It’s not a full service hotel of course, but it is a bed and shower and kitchen. What more do you really need? Bruno went out of his way to help us get settled.

Our host for the night – Bruno
Is this a pilgrim hostel or what?!

Our night ended with a champagne dinner and some funny food. We had a charcuterie board as an appetizer.

Allison had a steak for dinner. I went rogue and ordered something in the Fondue section. It turned out to be another charcuterie board – this time with a candle to soften the cheese. Funny experiences to remember. Of course the tiny tea lights did little to stave off the cool 15C temperature outside…it was a chilly dinner.

My tea light powered cheese warmer.

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