Day38 Seveux to Bucey le Gy – Growing Hills

This morning started like many others…too early for my body. Haha ,at least the pleasant toll of church bells echos in the street, a sound that I actually enjoy.

Morning Update

After a breakfast of bread, yogurt, homemade jam, butter, fruit and, coffee and orange juice we headed out for the day along a country road.

Churches and bell ringing on the hour and half hour.

Today we walked mostly on the road or farm tracks which are still used by all types of vehicles. Along the way we passed by an old tractor. Mark just had to take a picture. Take a peak at the following photo to see why.

An old tractor.
Finally a Lamborghini I can afford!

One odd sighting we had was a huge group of deer assembled in someone’s field. Mark attempted to take a photo but we were just too far away. There must have been at least 40 deer huddled all together. I have never seen that before. And of course we saw many more cows.


Just prior to eating lunch we were greeted by a Bernese Mountain Dog who just leaned into Mark’s leg for some extra attention. His master was standing close by and the dog was very well behaved. As a matter of fact, all the dogs we have encountered here in France have been incredibly well behaved and trained. Whatever the standard training method is here, works.

Deciding where to stop for lunch is always a guessing game – one that we routinely get wrong. Today, we ate our lunch of tuna and bread and grape tomatoes on our handy tarp of a trash bag using a stone wall as back support. I know, so high class. It wasn’t a great spot and certainly not the most comfortable. But sure enough, after packing up and carting out our lunch trash, we shortly passed 2 benches in the shade. We certainly can pick our lunch spots.

As we wrapped up for the day we noticed the hills we’ve been encountering for the last few days are starting to grow. In the background the individual hills are merging to for chains. We are slowly approaching the Juras.

Our place of lodging today is in the little village of Buysey les Gy. And our hosts are Dominique and Dominic. I think we will both be able to remember their names. It is the little blessings in life that make your day, like the fact this place has a washing machine. I may have been a little too excited about that because I began our load of laundry before Mark was finished with his shower. Yes, that meant a slight lack of hot water. Sorry honey.

We joined our hosts for dinner and had some fun conversations. The daughter-in-law is an English teacher so we had some much welcomed help in our conversations. The family seems very close and it was a joy to be with them. Allison was particularly happy that the cheese course had two hard cheeses to choose from. This is a growing joke between us since I like all cheese but most in France (and there have been hundreds) have been “stinky” soft cheeses.

We started dinner with a scotch followed by a tomato and egg vinagrette, pate and bread. The next course was an avocado, carrot mixture. The entree was pork and scalloped potatoes followed by the cheese course. We ended with a caramel cake with peaches and then coffee. Can you say “satisfied”

Tomorrow we hit Besancon and have another scheduled rest day, our last in France.

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