Day44 Pontarlier to Jougne – Taking it to the border

Morning Update Day44

Well, here we are folks, about a mile from the Swiss border. We’ve very nearly walked across another whole country.

It seems so odd to be here in a way. France, particularly the latter half of it (once it dried up a bit) has been wonderful. The food has been spectacular. Almost everyone has been generous and kind.

There are many places to which I’d like to return and spend more time. But a pilgrim must March on. Well, a pilgrim that has a 90day Shenghen VISA does anyway.

Today was supposed to be a short day but we made it long by choosing some more scenic routes and very honestly taking some wrong turns. In this part of France there are tons of intersecting hiking trails and many are labeled as the VF. We were never lost, just not on the trail we’d intended at times.

Chamois sighting

Uncle Robin would be so glad to know that we spent a majority of our day walking through cow pastures hanging out with the cows (quite literally). The mountains are breathtaking! Our other animal sightings today included ibex. There must have been six munching grass on a hillside just below a chateau. How picturesque is that!

Chateau in the background.

After eating lunch in a little ski village, we began climbing. That seems to be a recurring theme these days. This particular climb actually involved switchbacks, thank you. I was leading and then I rounded a corner on a switchback and magically Mark had teleported himself in front of me on the path. The turkey had just climbed straight up the mountain.

Conquering the Jura’s

<Mark>. I loved that little prank. The look on Allison’s face was priceless. There was that moment of … “oh, there is another hiker on the trail” followed by “wait, that’s Mark…but wait, he was behind me”. It was great.

We also encountered a little whimsy. Two mailboxes caught my attention. I have to admit my favorite was the cow. I think Dad will agree with me.

Creative mailbox
Creative mailbox
Pilgrim Dude

Anyway, we landed at our hotel in the border town of Jougne (pronounced ‘Zhune’). We celebrated our crossing of France with a mixed up menu of trout with mushrooms and pizza.

Tomorrow will be a long 20mi day. We haven’t done one of those in quite a long time. It will be tough. Oddly, after a morning climb into Switzerland, the route will be mostly downhill…or so we hear.

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5 thoughts on “Day44 Pontarlier to Jougne – Taking it to the border”

  1. Reading in more detail, my congratulations appears to be slightly early but take it anyway.

    Are you walking along the highway (N57, I think) to the border checkpoint? In the town there are sidewalks but there does not appear to be much of a shoulder for portions of the road, so be careful.

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    1. N Roads are kind of like interstates so you’re not supposed/allowed to walk on them in France. We cross on a farm track near the village of Les Echampés. Well it actually looks like a farm field.
      I’m including a snapshot on the blog now.


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