Day59 Ivrea to Cavaglia – Harvest

Morning Update

We had a great nights sleep with the windows open and the sound of rushing water of the kayak course acting as white noise. But we wanted to get out a bit early today so the 6am alarm got us up and moving.

There is an art to getting up, getting dressed and re-packing in a dorm setting. The goal is to get as much done the night before so that you can get out quietly without disturbing the other pilgrims. But backpacks and quick dry bags are notoriously “crinkly” and can make a lot of noise.

We were lucky this time and there was an outer room where we could stash all our stuff so we were as quiet as mice leaving before 7am. We’d been given a coupon for a center-of-town cafe in which to have a croissant and coffee so this was of course our first stop. Pilgrims are always looking to find a good deal.

But even breakfast was quick and soon we were off hiking out of the suburbs and into yet more vineyards and fruit groves. We did see olive trees for the first time and the remaining Alpine foothills disappeared quickly.

More fearsome beasts warning us to stay away.

We actually crossed from the Valle d’Aosta and into the Piedmont yesterday, but today it was very evident. All the roofing changes dramatically from stone to red tile and it felt very much like the Italy I remember.

We walked past lake Viverone and watched the water sports from a distance. Our day ended in the smaller town of Cavaglia. Our lodging is the municipal Ostello and our friends Carlos and Suzanne ended up at the same place.

Lake views

Tomorrow and the next few days are complicated. Lodging and villages become more sparse. Options are limited. But for now we are snug in our lodging and we’ve decided to let tomorrow worry about itself. Call it foolish or brave, it’s what we have left in us at this point.

The excitement of the Alps passing is behind us. Honestly we are still having a good time, but we are tired and feeling somewhat worn. That’s natural and not a surprise, but we’ve tried to be pretty honest in this blog and this is the honest truth. Pilgrimage is sometimes really mundane and difficult; it is hard both physically and mentally and often spiritually as well.

The next week will be tough, no lie, but then we get the Appenines and Tuscany and Rome. Finally the greatest and most joyous adventure – returning home to our friends and family.

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11 thoughts on “Day59 Ivrea to Cavaglia – Harvest”

  1. The cappuccino (cafe con Leche) & croissant remind me of camino days. The days are long, but you are closer to your goal of Rome! Cheering you from Winston-Salem!

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  2. The croissants looked quite large! Either the cups were small or the croissants were large or maybe a little of both. Were they chocolate? Please say they were chocolate! Memories of Spain. 🙂

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  3. Not that walking 1400 miles is a normal occurance for many of us, somehow as I am in my somewhat restricted environment I feel a sense of freedom “walking” with you each day! Thank you for taking us with you! My spirits are lifted each day!

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    1. Elinor, that is so sweet of you. There is indeed great freedom in this. It’s one of the biggest attractions actually. Time slows down to a crawl and although I enjoy my work, I “work to live”, and not, “live to work”.
      Thank you.

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      1. I looked up my days in that area 2014 did a half walk half bus to mortara, from Viverone.
        Soon you may meet VF star , to greet you with bicycle painted in Italian colours.


  4. Wonderful!

    I have a question, actually it’s been quite a concern for me…is there any tea on this journey?

    Praying you through the “dull” stuff.

    As I was walking to the egg “farm”, I stopped to take a picture of some wild flowers. About 15 feet ahead of me I watched a hawk land on what looked like a mouse. I watched him and he watched me for maybe 1-2 minutes and then he took off, silently but majestically. It was wonderful! Pay attention to the small wildflowers and a surprise may happen!!

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