Day61 Montonero to Robbio – Struggles

An issue arose last night with this blog. I hit a storage limit. Not sure what I’m going to do about it, but a starting point was to delete the Camino de Santiago pages. Another strategy is to post less video and utilize YouTube links more often.

So….let’s see if you notice the changes!

Day61 Morning Update parts I and II

Late start this morning due to a late night last night due to a late and long dinner last evening.

True story, we had a great dinner as I described, but it was late by the time we were done. I didn’t sleep that well so I just didn’t get much sleep. It really showed today.

We left the B&B after a self-made breakfast of the usual provisions and headed into day two of the rice fields. The posts are just going to be shorter these days because the walking portion is tedious.

Someone asked “What do you talk about all day?” The answer is “every and any thing”. Here is a clip as an example.

Some days are just difficult. Factors that influence that are lack of sleep, humidity, flat trail, walking along highways, and some days you just do not feel like walking, yet we must. Because what do pilgrims do? We walk!

Cool shutters in an abandoned building

We did get to see rice being harvested and that was kind of cool.

Today was not a long day in mileage but it felt that way. We stumbled into the village of Robbio hoping to find lodging. We had been unsuccessful in calling any of the numbers provided by various sources. All the numbers were no longer in service (the challenges of the VF in Covid). Lodging is definitely one of the top daily stressors.

Endless Rice

We entered town knowing that we may have to walk another 12 km this afternoon/evening which would make our day a whopping 40 km day. I am so thankful we found a place to stay. Putting things in perspective, our lodging was the only option in town with a max of 3 beds. God is good.

Mark made a trip to the grocery which turned out to be another mile round trip. He returned with food for our dinner, breakfast tomorrow morning and lunch tomorrow too. He should get lots of praise for making that extra trip because I know how tired he is too.

Home cooking’ – the fruit of Marks shopping and Allison’s creativity.

Our lodging tonight is the municipal which just happens to be in a police complex. I find that kind of funny. We should be extra safe.

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6 thoughts on “Day61 Montonero to Robbio – Struggles”

  1. I read a book last year that you may or may not have read but do if you haven’t: “We would see Jesus”. The entire book is good but the chapter about I AM was my fav. And perhaps at this point in your journey may apply. When God says he is I AM we should take that to mean He is all we need: I am your wisdom when we are clueless, strength when we are weak, peace when restless, provider when we lack. The only one who can meet our every need. Not new information, I know, but the reminder was much needed when I read it. Hang in there…holding on to the one who will carry us. ❤️❤️JudyP

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So fitting. Thank you. What we really need is to find more opportunities to hand out these keys! It’s those interactions that make this trip more than a vacation.
      By the way, it is supposed to snow tomorrow on the alpine pass that we crossed in shorts. Crazy.


  2. The YouTube videos are actually easier for me to view; the ones imbedded in the text sometimes take 2 or 3 times longer to play than the time counter suggests ( a :22 second clip goes in such fits and starts that it takes a full minute to play).
    Is the repellent keeping the bug pests away?

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  3. The pilgrimage is sounding more tedious for you. Is it just pride that is stopping you getting a days worth of some sort of transportation? I am sure that the early pilgrims took advantage of a ride on a passing cart at some point!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, not pride. I have the time reserved to do this trip and no goal to get to Rome per se. We could bus ahead but to what end? To get home faster?
      If there was a difficulty, e.g. injury, or if we were miserable, we’d bus ahead with no qualms whatsoever. But for now, perhaps this isn’t the most amazing part but we are loving the time together. Sometimes sharing difficult parts is the greater joy anyway. Do you agree?


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