Day62 Robbio to Tromello – Milestones

Morning Update – and a major milestone.

Today was a 30km day in humid, but blessedly cloudy weather. The light rain over night however really brought out the Zanzari (mosquitoes) , so we quickly coated ourselves with Deet and reapplied during the day. That did the trick but they were a nuisance.

600km to Rome

We entered Nicorvo and discovered a small Chapel at the intersection of the two major Pilgrimage paths. We got a stamp here.

Another intersection of Pilgrimage paths Camino and Via Francigena. I like the old Via emblem much better than the modern pilgrim one. The stamp looks like this as well.

When you walk through repetitive parts sometimes the conversation and topics for video shoots can get a little weird. Here we are having a lovely conversation about sillage for example.

Those of you that know us won’t be surprised when I state that I’m the more spontaneous party in this marriage. Allison likes to deliberate and feel comfortable with her actions. I’m more reckless. Sometimes however Allison can be quite decisive.

In the village Madonna del Campo, just before Mortara we walked past a tiny chapel. You walk past hundreds of these guys (mostly closed), but this one had a placque that interested me so we went inside. Wow, what a find. The walls of Santa Maria del Campo (built around 1100!!!) had some amazing frescos but the real treat was the acoustics.

Restored frescos

Shortly after visiting the chapel, we met yet another pilgrim today. He had a really funny walk though.

Actually, today we had some other fun animal sightings. First we saw some animals called Nutria. They looked like otters, but they are actually giant rodents and are a nuisance animal. ….but they look so cute, don’t you agree?

We also saw flocks of Great White Egret and Ibis.

Ibis in flight
Great white egret in flight

Finally we saw bunches of decapitated crayfish. Apparently they are what all those water birds are feasting on. The whole circle of life thing ya know.

Well, that’s it. There’s little else to say about our walk. When we finally reached Tromello (one of Sigeric’s stops FYI) we met our host and we’re escorted to our rooms in the parish house. This is another donativo (they are such a blessing). Our host Carlo spoke only Italian but he took us to dinner and we used a lot of Google Translate to have a basic conversation. He loves history and has a collection of Roman coins. Sorry no pics.

Tomorrow is yet another long day but between the last three days we will have shortened our walk in this region by two full days. It’s really not as bad as we may lead you to believe. The walking is actually quite easy and the signage has been excellent, It just isn’t spectacular.

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9 thoughts on “Day62 Robbio to Tromello – Milestones”

  1. I am relieved that you sound more content today. It is raining here today also, and humid! I wish that your present position was marked on the map, all the smaller places can’t be located. Getting closer to home!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On the blog there is a page called “Maps”. At the bottom there is a link to my Google maps that always shows our present location as a yellow star. Well, almost always. Sometimes I forget to update it. Haha


  2. In Spanish the corn cribs are “hórreo” or in Italian “granaio”, according to Google translate. Good to hear you’re turning around…not! hahaha One never backtracks on pilgrimage. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. “Finally we saw bunches of decapitated crayfish. Apparently they are what all those water birds are feasting on.”
    And the next thing we see is you eating, but we can’t really see what you are eating It ALMOST like you were eating the decapitated crayfish leftovers from the birds. YUCK!
    Not sure it was really there, but it looks like the angel in the picture titled “Restored Fresco” is caring a clamshell, which you know is the symbol of the Camino.

    Liked by 2 people

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