Day63 Tromello to Pavia – Rice-field free

Today had us walking our last bit of the VF by the ever lasting rice fields.

Day63 Morning Update

The day began cool but incredibly humid. Coating yourself with bug spray before 7 am just feels wrong, but you have to protect yourself from the thousands of mosquitoes all out for a taste of your blood.

Wildlife sightings included some more egrets, ducks, Nutria (those otter-like rodent guys), and two new entries, a bunny and a fox. The fox was beautiful and stood motionless in the middle of our path just long enough for me to get my camera out, but not long enough to get a photo…bummer.

Bunny Sighting

We next had a fantastic surprise. Up ahead in our view something very strange appeared. Could it be? No,….maybe….yes it is! A Hill! The village of Gropella Cairoli sits on a rise in an otherwise pancake-flat terrain. Although we only climbed about 50 feet the change was marked – no bugs, and a breeze. We actually stopped and sat on a bench and enjoyed it.

Although we went back down, almost magically the rice fields ended. Soon the drainage ditches became creeks and then rivers. Then there were genuine trees that provided this thing called Shade. Shade it good.

Two quick update mid day.

Used car, well loved, cheap, needs some work. Call quick!
Jean Yves

We arrived in Pavia and ran across Jean Yves who we’d first met in France. After laundry duty. We ended up sharing a drink and a grocery store adventure together.

Near Pavia
The old medieval bridge bombed by the allies in WWII

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