Day67 Cadeo to Fidenza – Near Death to Near Life

Sorry for the ominous subtitle. Let me explain.

Morning Update – Near Death. This is hard to hear because of all the traffic flying by at 100mph

Life on the highway – still all smiles despite the impending doom of the traffic

Morning Update Part II. – Near Life.

It was only “near” life because the walk today wore us out. It was longer and more pavement-filled that we expected. But we put yet another 20+mi day in the books.

Chiaravalle Abbey -12th Century

But we did get to visit a real treasure, the 12th century Abbey of Chiaravalle del Colombo. The abbey is nearly in its original condition and operated well after most monasteries had foundered. Napoleon, after his victories in Italy eventually “closed” the Abbey allowing only 2 monks to remain.

The abbey’s foundation and construction is well documented having been built to exacting plans laid out by none other than Saint Bernard himself.

The cloister is neither the most elaborate or most interesting that I’ve seen but it had a simple beauty in its symmetry.

Getting closer

The rest of the day was a bit of a slog along country roads until we entered Fidenza itself. Here we met again our friend Jacques from France. We met him at work around day 36. He was working this week in Fidenza and we managed to get together for dinner.

Jacques had received a restaurant tip from a co-worker and it was a good one. We only had a single course but it was excellent pasta and even better company. On our way out we swung by the Cathedral which is famous for its statuary. Jacques had had a tour earlier and shared his knowledge of the images. Thanks again Jacques.

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8 thoughts on “Day67 Cadeo to Fidenza – Near Death to Near Life”

  1. Looking at the picture of the mileage signs, another significant thing about crossing the Po River is that it seems like it might have been the 2/3 mark for your pilgrimage! Very impressive!
    With these extra mileage days will you move up your return date or have extra days in Roma?

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    1. About those mileage signs. It’s a bit of a pilgrim joke/saying that you can’t count on them. In Spain and here you may pass a 790km sign and two days later pass an 803km sign. But regardless we must be past 2/3 if the 1000mi estimate was correct. It’s only a 1400mi trip….or so I thought.
      Re Rome. That’s a good question that we don’t have an answer for yet.


  2. I’m so glad you turned off the camera in order to go through that traffic area. That I would think would be quite unnerving! Love the ornamentation on the outside of the cathedrals/churches you saw today! Do you know of the proper name for those? (In English!)

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      1. Like the word gargoyles (too specific) or antefix per Ken is the word used for the decorative forms on a roof. I think frieze may be the word I was looking for.

        Are you excited about the mountains ahead?
        What did you do about your shoe issue?
        I am also surprised the weather still seems pretty warm. I guess you are heading south! This week rain and the mid 70s. Finally cooling down…one morning next week it is supposed to be in the 40’s. Then we’ll have an Indian Summer week probably!

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      2. So excited to be amongst the hills and mountains. It’s more interesting and refreshing.
        Me, the gram weenie, decided to just carry them home. Perhaps feet will shrink. Allison worked on them a bit and they are better but still not wearable for more than an hour.
        Also surprised about the warmth. This morning was cold but climbing we soon shed.


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