Day 69 recap

We had yet another long day 70 so I’ll make the day 69 recap short. Sorry.


First this.

Then we ran across the solitary oak tree if read about.

The tree, us, but not our car, honest.

….and then found this:

Going to Rome Signore?

The Appenines are beautiful:

Then we made this momentous decision made with poor facts:

You already saw what happened in the end. Our facts were wrong and we ended with 26.3miles and a 4400+ ft climb. Ugh

Walking into town at sunset. A loooooong day.
Our two day journey…in one day.

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Mark Dowty

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9 thoughts on “Day 69 recap”

      1. Hello Alisson en Marc,
        The ‘ostello’ is Cassio was closed because the owner died recently. Very brave of you to walk on all the way to Berceto. When I arrived in Cassio from Medesano some hours later than you, I was too tired continue. I put my tent up at the edge of the forest. In the middle of the night a wild boar passed by. Apparantly he didn’t mind me invading his terroity because he grunted and hummed with – what I interpreted as – satisfaction. I turned around a fell asleep again.
        I see you have reached Lucca now. You are really walking fast.

        Pace e bene,
        Steven Belgium.

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      2. I didn’t know you attempted Cassio. What a tough day that was for us all. If we had a tent it would have gone up. Had I known, four Dutch/Italian ladies found a b&b 2km after Casio but we’d already booked a non refundable at Berceto.


  1. Hi Marc,

    I am home again. After Cassio I went back to Fornovo and then home. I hope to return soon (december?) to continue towards Rome (or maybe Assisi). I looked up C.S. Lewis and next time I go to the library I ‘ll check if they have any of his books.
    Lucca is very nice. I was there last summer. Looking for a great dinner? Try ‘Da Giulio’ at Via delle Conce.


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    1. I hope you love C.S. Lewis.
      My two favorites are Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters. But his children’s books “The Chronicles of Narnia” are great for adults as well. If you are more esoteric he has many works on Medieval literature.


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