Day70 Berceta to Pontremoli – A steep decent into Tuscany

Morning Update

First we promised not to have a long day today…and failed. Today was 29.6km (more than 31 after you add in the grocery shopping excursion). Tomorrow is 31….but then we are done with it….I promise.

The day started with a nice leisurely morning. We slept in until 7:30. Luxury. After a quick grocery store stop we were off to finish up the Appenine crossing at the Cisa Pass (which I kept calling Cibo pass for some reason in the videos).

It was steep but for some reason, despite yesterday’s efforts I was flying up the hills. Allison normally leaves me in the dust on uphill climbs but today I led the way.

Can anyone identify this track. It’s about 3”dia

Soon we were at the Cisa pass and peered back to see from whence we’d come. Goodbye Parmigiano-Reggiano, hello Tuscany.

The view from where we’d come
Fun on a bridge
Roxanne and Juliet

At the top we met two Belgian ladies who were on and appenine backpacking/camping adventure. They were on Day1 and were surprised to see us coming all the way from London by foot.

A cool entrance to Tuscany

The rest of the day was beautiful but technically challenging. It didn’t help that we’d been told that the day was only 26km. That’s not a small distance by any means, especially on difficult terrain, but when it turned out to be 30 we were hurting. Those last 4 are killers.

Along the way there were several stone bridges. This region held out a long time against the Romans. The entire population was deported to another region as a result. Having a high strategic value guarding the pass to Po Valley, the Middle Ages the region was “owned” by Genoa, Pisa, and others


We made it to the Convento Frati Cappuccini and we’re kindly explained the rules of entry and shown to our room. Normally we’d immediately shower and do our laundry but due to the late hour we thought it wise to stock up with food for tomorrow first.

We ended our night with an overly long walk to the nearest grocery and then finally we were able to sit down for a nice dinner at Trattoria Da Nori. Two pastas and a shared meat dish (pork in a sauce with peas) was just perfect.

By the way, meet JeanYves with whom we e walked on and off for weeks.

Good night all.

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5 thoughts on “Day70 Berceta to Pontremoli – A steep decent into Tuscany”

  1. Okay this is going to be your sister wagging her finger at you both. And I get to because I am the big sister! Why are you in such a rush? Slow down! You even said and your last video you don’t know why this urge to push forward so hard. That’s something you guys need to think about why are you pushing forward that excludes any of the excuses that you have had thus far. Something to ponder! Everything that you are showing is so beautiful drink it in, don’t gulp that glass of wine it’s not proper! Sip, savor, enjoy!

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    1. I know, I know. Today is a set stage so, that’s in the books by the tine you read this. But I was lamenting to Allison the decision we made yesterday. Yesterday was the perfect day to have an easy morning and stay in the mountains one more day.

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  2. This is not at all authoritative, but I’m going to suggest the possibility that one of the three toes are actually an overlap of a second foot. That would support the idea of a deer like animal or even a Maremman boar ( Although that is last suggestion is a stretch it does fit the “trailing indentation” that can be seen. Please note, I have absolutely NO tracking creds.

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