Day81 Abbadia Isola to Siena – slip sliding away

We left our lodging while the sky was still dark. Bats were flying around outside….yes it was that dark. The storm last night was crazy. Mark, of course didn’t hear a thing. I don’t get it.

The day was not scheduled to be neither long nor hard but getting up early is a habit it seems and I, yes I have gotten used to it.

Good morning

We only had a short walk to Monteriggiano but shortly after we stopped for a coffee and pastry the rain started. Why did we stop so early…that’s another story.

It’s best told in video though….

The rain seemed to be that frustrating kind of rain that came and went in direct opposition to the amount of rain gear that we’d put on or taken off. What it did manage to do was to make a mucky mess of the path. As a result, we were slipping and sliding most of the day and it was only the last few km’s when we neared Siena when we finally gained traction control on some hard pavement.

Along the way we met three Danish men who were walking the short way from Lucca to Siena. Two were college friends who’d drifted apart. Recently they’d gotten together lamenting their drift. They pledged to plan adventures together to rebuild their friendship. I liked that.

Arriving in Lucca we felt a little like coming home. We had visited Siena in 1999 and it was a place we’d always wanted to come back to. Although it was quite different looking walking in by foot than driving in by car. The small quaint city I recalled on my mind was much larger but still retained its charm.

Arrived Siena

We found our lodging easily and our host was nice enough to meet us there within just a couple of minutes upon our arrival. The apartment was wonderful and close to all the sights and necessities that anyone would need or want.

I am looking forward to spending a rest day here but sad to say goodbye to Paulo and Jean Yves tomorrow morning. It has been fun and nice to build friendships with these two fellas. God had more adventures ahead for all of us. And hopefully we will be able to visit together again in the near future.

Because there is much to see and say I’ll leave the rest for tomorrow. goodnight pilgrims.

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19 thoughts on “Day81 Abbadia Isola to Siena – slip sliding away”

  1. Would be interesting, if can remember, to take a picture at the same spot you were 20 years ago. I’m enjoying your travelog pilgrimage. Take care.

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    1. That would be tough because we can’t remember any specific spots. But some of the views are so iconic I bet we’d get close. Bad news is that 20yrs ago I was using a camera that got damaged and destroyed all of our trip. It was so disappointing.


  2. Well, I liked the cat story. I’ve often reminded people that the Romans invented CAT-apults to terrorize the cities to which they laid siege – imagine the terror of launched cats landing on the heads of those in the city. I’m sure it was just like that. ;>)
    The vine on the fence looks a lot like Virginia Creeper but I thought that it was strictly a New World plant.
    Two fashion notes:
    1. I don’t know if the spotted calf look is going to catch on around here.
    2. Allison, weren’t your shoes yellow?

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    1. Good time of reflection. When you are with people again you will treasure that time so much. Happy pilgrimage!


  3. Dear Allison and Mark, you’re tireless!!
    You start walking when it’s still night… you walk each day like it was the first one… you always smile… Great!!!
    Your pictures are beautiful, your stories are very interesting
    When I’ll be in the places where you’re in these days, I’ll remember you and your experience!!
    Go go go!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. È così carino da parte tua dirlo. Ma ci stanchiamo. Semplicemente non filmo quelle parti. ahah. Ma aiuta molto avere amici che ci incoraggiano. Hai iniziato a programmare il tuo viaggio per venirci a trovare in North Carolina?


  4. Susan,
    Good time of reflection. When you are with people again you will treasure that time so much. Happy pilgrimage!


  5. Good time of reflection. When you are with people again you will treasure that time so much. Happy pilgrimage!


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