Day94 La Storta to Roma – This is It!!!!!!!!!!

We slept in late. When I mean late, I mean not just late for pilgrims but 8am late. It felt awesome.

Morning Update

Our first goal was to get to a pharmacy and get a Covid test. But when we arrived the pharmacist on staff convinced us to wait a day and get tested in Rome. So this was our decision.

Our morning walk took us through the city of La Storta and among the Via Cassia a major route into Rome. La Storta is really just a big suburb of Rome. It is not a very scenic walk but we attempted to see beyond the many cars and trash scattered about.

However after a couple of hours the path took us into some natural park areas.

These natural areas were mentally relaxing and took us several hours closer to Rome. In the course of our walk we climbed to the peak of Monte Mario and took on our first glimpses of Rome. Here we met a new friend!

Lilian from Brazil was admiring the view of the city. We decided to eat lunch at that very spot. We all shared our left over stash of food. It was a wonderful meal. And since Lilian had planned ahead and knew where to go to get the testimonial, we decided to walk with her into Rome. It was so nice getting to know Lillian and having some feminine company. Guess I should say this is Allison writing otherwise readers may wonder at that comment.

So we walked into Rome together and directly into St Peter’s plaza within the Vatican. We’d made it, 2250km (1400mi) from London to Rome. How did it feel?

Very honestly I was astonished and overwhelmed to be there. I was proud of our accomplishment. I was happy to have made it. But I was also I was sad to have finished the adventure. The desire to be home multiplied tenfold but also a sense of tiredness set in.

After walking through the Vatican and collecting our Testimonial we scurried to our hotel and celebrated with an ever so non-pilgrim dinner.

At dinner we chatted with some nice young ladies. It was nice to have some feminine company. This is Mark and I just had to throw that remark in for fun.

Seriously though we got some funny looks from a couple folks today as we were searching for a restaurant. We were tired and I mentioned that we had walked from London. The perplexed looks really made us laugh. Yes, we have actually WALKED here from London.

It’s still a little hard to believe.

For those that have wondered, we will continue this blog for a few more days. I want to document the time in Rome, the voyage home and the transition from pilgrim to citizen. It is not an easy path. In some ways harder than being a pilgrim. So…stay with us just a bit longer.

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18 thoughts on “Day94 La Storta to Roma – This is It!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Such natural feelings and experiences at the end of a big journey. I remember not wanting to wait to get to see Katie Matt and at that time baby Elliot but it was hard to stop walking. There’s an element of wonderment at what’s around the corner that you constantly get to experience when you’re walking as well as just the freedom to be.
    Enjoy the celebration of today. You’ll have lots of time to reminisce and even more time to live in the future! Blessings on your last days in Italy! We’ll see you on the other side of the pond!

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  2. Congratulations. I have been following you since Day 1 and so happy you made it to Rome safely! Your blog has been fun to read and I appreciate your daily entry. Your photos have been wonderful to see and your historical comments have been interesting. Would love to contact you in the future, for input when I walk Siena to Rome for recommendations where to stay, etc. I have walked Lucca to Siena and wish I was brave for a Canterbury to Rome walk. Cheers and safe trip home.

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  3. I was subbing again today. Just after I received the photo of you two in St Peter’s Square, the next class started and I shared the picture with the class. They applauded, as have many of your friends and family scattered all over. It is an incredible accomplishment.
    [Side note – Random thought popped in my head (” Surprise, I know) it is incredible that we can find out about all these happenings so quickly. The pilgrims of the past had no way to share their struggles or successes, but here we celebrating yours in (almost) real time! ]

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  4. I have really enjoyed reading about your journey! It has been wonderful to see all the places and people you have met along the way. I congratulate you both on a awesome adventure. I am glad you made it to Rome safely. I am definitely in awe that you both walked from London to Rome!!! You walked it!!! I just can’t believe it!!! Have a very safe trip home!!

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  5. I have enjoyed reading about this awesome adventure that you two have been on. I loved seeing all the places and people that you have met on this journey. I am glad that you have reached Rome safely! I have to say I am in awe, you two walked from London to Rome!!!! You walked it!!! I just can’t believe it!!! I am happy for both of you. Enjoy the time you have in Rome and have a safe trip home!!!!

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  6. Bonjour et surtout BRAVO, je vous ai suivi tout au long de votre parcours, merci de m avoir permis de vivre cette aventure avec vous, bien cordialement Nadine

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    1. Merci merci de faire partie de notre voyage. Nous avons livré vos prières à Rome comme nous l’avions promis. Ils n’avaient pas besoin d’être venus jusqu’ici pour que notre Père les entende. Il écoute de partout. Mais nous étions heureux de les livrer à Rome pour vous.


  7. It has been exciting to follow your journey and longing to be there with you! Anyone who has been on a pilgrimage knows the bittersweet end. Enjoy your Rome time and I know you are working on the next pilgrimage! After you’ve fully processed this pilgrimage, I hope you’ll have an evening in Winston-Salem to share the highlights including spiritual moments. Blessings on your travel home.


  8. Wow! Read each of our days on VF, what an achievement! I am glad that I with some friends will try to do the same, and more convinced that will succeed and have much fun on the way. Sincere greetings from Brazil!

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    1. Thank you. It is a difficult but amazing adventure. If you have any questions during your planning please let me know. Allison and I are willing to help you as best as we are able.


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