Post Via Day1 – Shopping

First, just to let you know, I updated Day 94 with videos of our morning update and and our entry into St Peter’s etc for those that might want to see them. Check it out.

We began our first day off the Via with a quick trip to schedule our Covid tests. Then we hit the town to find some new clothes. Believe me…this is no vanity trip. We REALLY need some new clothes.

Allison HATES shopping and spending money in general, but once you get her used to the idea at hand she does alright. We spent a frustrating morning with little success…well, no success.

However after lunch we moved our search to Trastevere and she finally found a dress she liked and would wear. Oh, and our negative Covid results came back. Good news all around.

Shopped until Dark

It’s our baby girl’s birthday today (Happy Birthday again Isabel) so we had a nice video chat with her. Then came a single glass of wine and boom, the gloves came off.

We were darting in and out of stores like madmen. It was fun, but tiring. In the end we managed the transition from Pilgrim to consumer pretty well I think.

None of this is for Mark, but he did buy a 10Euro shirt. Big spender.

Tomorrow however our feet have to come back on the ground.

We ended our evening at the street side restaurant adjacent to our hotel. Skipping the pasta and pizza for an evening we both chose salads. Grazie mille.

A street musician came by and played some nice music and then asked for some money. Normally I’d be happy to oblige but in this instance we literally had nothing but a credit card. He loudly proclaimed to everyone that we were too rich. Kind of sad really. But it didn’t ruin our dinner.

Well that’s it for the evening. Tomorrow we should have something more interesting to report but for now Buona Notte

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