Breakfast of champions; pics along the way; end of the airport runway. Tomorrow I enter Santiago. Ran into my friend from Quebec at tonight’s albergue. We both have reservations at albergues in Santiago, then, I switch to Hotel Compostela. Plan to take a bus tour to Finnesterre and the coast. We’re cooking at the albergue tonight. 😊 -Cindy

Albergue De Boni

The hospitalero, Boni, is quite a card. I arrived with a man from Austria, David, and a gal from Quebec, Dominicut. We were led to believe that there was a smaller room and a larger room with ten bunks. I listened as he made the same pitch to everyone. Truth is, there are six rooms, the largest with two bunk beds and the smallest with one bunk bed. Interesting character, Boni. The showers are in a separate building from the main albergue. My roommates and I pooled our laundry to use the washer and dryer since it’s raining and nothing will dry. David walked parts of Camino Norte and Primitive. Look forward to seeing his pics over dinner. -Cindy


Hoping the sun would break through; beer bottles line the stone wall at this cafe/bar; flowers.

Rain started earlier than yesterday’s weather predicted. Thankful was near to my stopping place today. Another very short walk. With the leg feeling better I am walking as slowly as possible and still feel I’m maintaining a reasonable pace. -Cindy


Have seen these structures at all the farms, yet no idea their purpose; Sculpture in San Xulián; the Way; another interesting structure whose purpose is a mystery; bridge into Melide.

Melide is bigger than I thought – small city. And it’s market day today. Always makes finding one’s lodging more complicated. Thankfully the fruit lady helped with directions and was very accommodating when I asked her to speak slowly. Then there are the helpful signs advertising the albergue.

Thanks to Jessie for posting pics of my fur babies on FB! Looks like they are well cared for. Thank you everyone! 💕



Bus Pilgrims

Met a wonderful group of women yesterday from SF Bay Area. This lady, Kate, was one of the reasons yesterday was special. They are lead by a Dominican nun whose convent is associated with the school where I once worked…small world. Anyway, they are walking the Camino, being bused to the point at which they finished the previous day and picked up by the bus when they complete their current day, and returned to their hotel each evening.

Today the bus pilgrims had multiplied. I counted at least five different groups. -Cindy

Palas de Rei

Scene from popular bar in Gonzar, interesting way marker, field.

Was not the plan to walk this far today. Twice as far as planned. Albergue La Fuente in Ligonde is closed Saturday and Sunday. Next on the list was full. Looked at a pensíon, but just couldn’t justify the price. I’ll be in Santiago long before I planned. Hmmmm, maybe an overnight to Finesterre (sp?). -Cindy