Post Via Day3 – Home

It is with no lack of excitement that we woke this morning knowing that we were going home. Home for us is a beautiful place, and we’ve missed it.

Early to the airport.

We arrived at the Airport early and had a leisurely wait until boarding. I’d used Frequent Flyer miles to upgrade our return journey to Business Class so it was going to be a nice journey.

Boarded in BC!!! She deserves it.

Two hours into the flight I noticed that we were flying near London. So there is was, in the short span of two hours our pilot had undone 94 days of hard work, sweat, and pain. Wow.

Our flight had been delayed by about 45min leaving Rome. But normally they can make the time up in flight and they nearly did this time as well. However we didn’t have a leisurely connection in Newark so it was going to be tight. It all depended on the big 4. Immigration, bag claim bag re-check and security.

Immigration was a breeze with no one in line ahead of us. Bag claim could have been faster but no big deal. Bag re-check was ultra quick. Three down, one to go.

Anyone who has flown through Newark knows how much of a zoo security can be in Newark. The Airport just isn’t built for it. The halls are narrow and they’ve had to cram scanning equipment as well as serpentine queues in spaces designed for foot traffic. It just never works well.

We arrived in line with just a few minutes to spare. Then some disorderly people in front of us refused to follow the rules and everything ground to a halt. Tick tick tick tick.

It was fortunate that our gate was the first one in the terminal. As we arrived the last call was announced and we boarded (last on the plane). Whew.

After a few quick texts to family to say we’d re-entered the USA after being away for over 100 days we were taxiing down the runway on the quick 1-1/2hr flight to Greensboro.

Arrived in Greensboro – awaiting the kiddos.

It was so nice to be picked up by our daughter and granddaughter. It was a fun reunion. Somehow I think Allison is pretty happy! What do you guys think? Ok…so am I.

We arrived to a welcome home banner and a fridge and cupboards full of food and a beef stew dinner (a gift from our kids, my sister Nadine, and friend Cindy). We also heard that some saints from our church swung by and did some pruning and trimming and weed whacking for us as a gift. I’m overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed and feeling the love.

Being home was bizarre. Some things had changed. We’d had some landscaping done while we were away and it really changed the look of the lot. Also the house felt HUGE. The bathroom was enormous; the kitchen immense.

After a few hours with the kids and a home cooked meal we planned on crashing early since the jet-lag was kicking in.

It is great to be home.

Tomorrow I will write a few summary thoughts to tie a bow on this vlog. In about 2 weeks I will add a P.S. to talk about the transition from pilgrim to citizen. After that we will all have to wait and see what the future brings.

It’s been a real blessing to have done this. The investment will increase as the weeks pass and the memories fade. I know I’ll be glad for the reminders of important people, special places and beautiful sights.

Thanks to all who have been a part of our journey. Thank you for your patience and for your thoughts and your prayers along the way.

Thank you for commenting and writing to us. It meant a lot to hear from you and know we were not alone in this. Until tomorrow…ciao.

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11 thoughts on “Post Via Day3 – Home”

  1. Glad to see you made the connections and was welcomed by family with a home cooked meal. Nothing could be better! Look forward to chatting with you on local hikes.

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  2. I am so grateful to have been taken along on your journey. I / we got to enjoy it all without breaking a sweat.
    I am looking forward to seeing you face to face and hearing more about the whole experience. Welcome home!

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  3. “Being home was bizarre … the house felt HUGE. The bathroom was enormous; the kitchen immense.”
    You left out the part about not having to share your bedroom with strangers / casual acquaintances.

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  4. So.. welcome back home pilgrims! I (Martina) and Paolo shared some little (slowly and painfully but also wonderfully 😉 ) steps on our way to Rome. What an experience, I can’t even imagine (but I wish I would do one day something like that) 100 days walking. Great!
    [We also wrote you an e-mail, first hug your friends, family, then enjoy home and then when you’ll have some time read it, please]. 🙂 🙂

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  5. Hi Marc and Alison,

    How are you doing ? Back to life as it was before?
    I just wanted to let you know that I was able to reach Rome last week, having started the last long haul on januari the 5th at Cassio.



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    1. Yes, I think so. We are visiting our daughter in the North Carolina mountains. She is in Grad school pursuing her doctorate.
      We are already planning our next walk. We think we will walk Budapest to Verona.
      How are you Steven?
      You are in the Netherlands, correct?

      Congratulations on your pilgrimage to Rome. How was walking in winter. I’m sure the short hours of daylight made that difficult. Please send me a picture. You can email at


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