Day91 Vetralla to Sutri – Woods and Amphitheaters

With a short day ahead we were really slow in leaving the apartment this morning. The high wind of yesterday had pretty much abated and despite the cool 8degC temperature it felt much warmer.

Right off the bat we ran into Stephanie, an Italian lady walking her dog. She’d lived in Wales for a few years and spoke excellent English. She was one of the few people to come up to us and initiate a conversation.

Morning Updates

After a short climb we walked along a beautiful stretch of hazelnut orchards for a couple hours.

And then out of nowhere two ancient towers appeared. These were the ruins of an abbey and a Roman cemetery. It was interesting to try and identify portions of these unrestored structures.

By about 10:30 we’d already reached Capranica where, after visiting the church of Madonna del Piano we walked through the ancient gate to the city. The was yet another typical hilltop fortress towns with windy streets and fun narrow throughout.

The weather was cool but when the wind stilled and the sun hit you, you could get hot quickly. We must have donned and doffed our layers 4-5 times during the day.

Adding a layer

After the visit to Capranica the trail entered a beautiful wooded trail that was soft underfoot and crisscrossed a small running stream. This section ran for about 8km and reminded me of home.

At the end of this section we were already very near our final destination of Sutri. But being near didn’t mean that we’d be propping our toes up just yet.

Sutri is home to several historic monuments including a “recently” re-discovered Amphitheater that is unique in the Roman world. When I say “recently” I mean in the nineteenth century. Before that it was pastureland.

Sutri Amphitheater

It is unique as it is excavated entirely from the surrounding rock. Because it was lunch time we decided to park our bodies inside the amphitheater and have a bite to eat.

Roman Graves

The amphitheater is part of an archeological park that also includes Etruscan cemeteries, a Roman graveyard and a former cave used in the cult of Mithras – turned Christian church (Madonna del Parto). A church within a cave is a pretty cool thing. The frescos were interesting.

Finally we made our way to our lodging for the night. Once again we ended up with an entire apartment to ourselves. We showered and washed and then headed out to get dinner supplies and food for tomorrow as well.

Allison whipped a quick dinner.

Chef Allison

After that we just decided to veg and enjoy some rest.

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5 thoughts on “Day91 Vetralla to Sutri – Woods and Amphitheaters”

  1. Your conversation with Stephanie suggests that the footprint I guessed as a wild boar may not have been a bad guess. As far as wolves go, maybe it is a good idea not to have been camping!
    I too have wondered at the 360 degree views and the videos as you walk along the trail. How have you done those? In the amphitheater, the shadow of the camera behind you on the wall did not seem to be changing as the scene changed which makes me guess that is software that is involved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, since the 360 camera is filming 360 degrees all the time you can choose what to display in the processed film. You can choose one view and 30sec another and the software will linearly pan from one to another quite smoothly. The art comes in not choosing too many set views such that the audience gets jerked around a lot. You can do too much or too little. Honestly I’m still figuring it all out and you can spend a lot of time post processing (instead of valuable things like sleeping), so I don’t do a great job.


      1. Still enjoying it. You are putting in work after a long day on your feet to inform, entertain, and educate us . Thank you for taking us along!

        Liked by 1 person

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